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The aria-label attribute specifies a string value that serves as a label for an element. Details The purpose of aria-label is the same as aria-labelledby. Both provide an accessible name for an element. If there is no visible name for the element you can reference, use aria-label to provide the user with a recognizable accessible…


When the focus is on a composite widget, combobox, textbox, group, or application, the aria-activedescendant attribute identifies the currently active element. Details When interactive elements have multiple focusable descendants, such as menus, grids, and toolbars, the aria-activedescendant property is used to manage focus for assistive technologies. aria-activedescendant can be used on container elements to refer…

Step by Step guide | Customisable WordPress Mega Menu | Code

Summary I have remediated almost 100+ WordPress websites and making the WordPress menu accessible is always a challenging task. I and also not very happy with my website’s existing design so I thought let’s create a WordPress theme that provides full customization and maximum accessibility. The first thing that comes to mind is the mega-menu…

Top 4 possible failures of 1.1.1 Non-text Content

Accessibility testing is essential not just because you want to make your website/app accessible but it is a step towards making the web inclusive. In modern website layout, Images and Graphics are being used to attract the audience and give a better experience. but when they don’t have alternative text, assistive technology users can’t feel…

Live region & aria-live=”off”

The live region plays a very important role to convey dynamic changes on the website and I believe in code reusability so that I don’t have to code again.

Focus visibility

Focus visibility is essential for the users who are dependent on a keyboard.
A focus indicator will be displayed when an interactive element receives focus.