Hello, I'm your Web Developer and Accessibility Expert!

A seasoned lead developer and passionate accessibility expert with over 7 years of experience. I take great pride in crafting websites and web apps that are not just visually stunning but also fully accessible to all users

7+ Years of Experience
100+ Projects Delivered

Skills for which you can count me in

React I can help you build your next project with React & Redux
WordPress Weather it is a website, theme, or a plugin, I can help you with your next project with WordPress
Shopify From creating a new store to modifying an existing store, I am there to help
Accessibilty Audit I am DHS Certified Tester and I can help you with your next WCAG, ADA besed accessibility audit
Chrome Extension I have proven record of developing Chrome extensions and have Multiple Accessibility extension hosted

Quality & Experience in Every Accessibility Audit

My commitment to accessibility doesn’t stop at audits; I take it a step further. As a problem-solver, I specialize in not only identifying accessibility issues but also providing alternative solutions for those tricky challenges that require more than direct fixes.
Get the accessibility of your website improved


2022 - Present

Lead Accessibility Developer

Pivotal Accessibility

2021 - 2022

Sr. Accessibility Developer

Pivotal Accessibility

2020 - 2021

Senior Accessibility Developer

Deque Software, India

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Understanding ARIA Attributes

January 13, 2024

Introduction Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) play a pivotal role in this realm, ensuring that web content and applications are accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities. This blog marks the beginning of our journey into the world of ARIA, where we will explore its attributes and their impact on web accessibility. What is ARIA? […]

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ARIA Essentials: Your Quick Start Guide to Web Accessibility

November 22, 2023

Accessible Rich Internet Applications, abbreviated as ARIA, is a set of attributes that can be added to HTML elements. These attributes provide additional information to assistive technologies, such as screen readers, in interpreting and conveying the content to users with disabilities. The Purpose: ARIA bridges the gap between dynamic web content and the limitations of […]

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E-commerce with Accessibility: Boosting Sales and Customer

October 31, 2023

We engage in online shopping more frequently than traditional in-store visits. In today’s fast-paced world, your e-commerce store must keep up with the times, it’s crucial to ensure that your online store is not just a legal requirement but a smart business decision. By making your website accessible, you can significantly impact your sales and […]

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Efficient Strategies for Accessibility: Minimising Post-Development Efforts

October 6, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of digital content, creating websites, online stores, or blogs is commonplace. However, what’s often overlooked is the importance of making these digital spaces accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Ensuring accessibility not only broadens your audience but also helps you comply with legal requirements and fosters inclusivity. One key consideration […]

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