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Mohammad Shadab Saifi

I'm a passionate accessibility developer situated in New Delhi, India, with over 5 years of expertise in accessibility development and auditing. Currently, I work as a Senior Accessibility Developer, leading a cross-functional team in resolving specific product accessibility issues and assisting individuals in achieving web inclusion.

Mohammad Shadab Saifi

My fields of competence

WordPress Development

Create your first WordPress theme from scratch. Customize your themes to meet your specific requirements, or sell them online. Using WooCommerce, I can integrate eCommerce elements into your themes. Create and utilize WordPress plugins.

Accessibility audit & Remediation

Accessibility audits and tests that are accurate, trustworthy, and unique to help you to achieve Section 508, ADA, and WCAG 2.1 AA compliance.

Chrome Extension Development

Develop Chrome Extension for your that are reliable and creative.

Finding Alternative of Complex Accessibility Issues

Not all the accessibility issues are quick and easy to fix, many of them need an alternative and complex scripts fixed for that I am an expert.

WordPress Plugin Development

Using WordPress plugins, I can add new features without affecting the core system. Instead of developing highly technical back-end plugins to provide complex functionality, I focus my efforts as a developer on creating high-quality front-end plugins.

WordPress Theme Development

I'm an expert at building WordPress themes from the scratch and separating presentation styles and template files from system files so that the site can be upgraded without major visual changes. I enable customization of the site's functionality that is specific to that Theme.

What I do to make a difference?

I stay active in every phase of the development process, from product analysis to product delivery, to assure that accessibility is maintained.

Let's talk about how I can make your product more accessible!

I'm passionate about developing and delivering WCAG 2.1-compliant websites that help company owners maintain their products inclusive and available to all. ​

Get in touch with me on LinkedIn if you're passionate about establishing an accessible website to help individuals who use assistive technologies visit your website easily.