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Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is a important portion of website and native app development. It should be done from the very beginning of the design process to avoid post-production efforts for accessibility. I make sure that WCAG 2.1 AA is properly considered from the start while testing design, content, and components.

Accessibility Testing procedure

Screen Readers & Browser Combination

Accessibility Remediation

After collecting all of the issues in each phase of development, accessibility remediation eliminates any barriers that may limit users from accessing the content. Color and UI barriers can be removed during the Design phase. From the beginning, I make sure that native tags and properties are used to convey the right semantics and that ARIA is leveraged to extend the user experience.

How I can help?

Accessible Development

I keep up with the latest UI trends and HTML, CSS, and ARIA versions to make the current designs accessible. I'll make sure your website is accessible, no matter what trendy widgets you used.

If you want all users to use your website without any limitations, consider me for: